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Search and Register your perfect
Business Domain Names Personal Domain Blog Domain Names

It all starts with registering a domain name.

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Your personal information is normally made public on databases like WHOIS when you register a domain name.

With IntroNexus, you can keep your personal information safe. Spammers won’t be able to see your domain name or personal information if you use our domain privacy protection service. 

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FAQs - Domain Names

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A domain name is the online equivalent of a physical address. It is how visitors will be able to locate your website.

Simply type a website or business name into Google’s search field, and one of the top search results should be the website you’re looking for., like and, is a domain name. Your domain should ideally be the same as the name of your website or online business.

It is important to have domain names to help potential visitors find your site easily. Without assigned website names, they would have to memorize IP addresses, which are hard to remember.

When you register a domain, the domain name system’s (DNS) servers will connect it to your website’s IP address.

Finding an available domain name is only one part of choosing the perfect domain. Before performing a domain name search and registration, follow these best practices:

Length. Keep it short; two to three words is ideal.

Simple. Don’t use long or hard-to-spell words.

Keywords. Include a keyword from your industry. For example, if you teach how to play cricket in New Delhi, try

Avoid numbers. Numbers are hard to recall and make domains more complex.

Brand name. Include your brand name for maximum awareness.

No, once a web address is registered, it cannot be changed. However, you can buy a new domain and point it to your website.

Your domain name is similar to your address, and your web hosting is similar to your house. To start a website, you’ll need a domain name that others can use to locate you and hosting that houses the website itself.

Domains and web hosting are strongly related. While having one without the other is possible, they operate best together. This is why many hosting firms provide domains, and many registrars offer hosting.

Domain privacy protection, also called WHOIS protection, hides certain information about a domain name’s owner that spammers can find through a WHOIS lookup.

With domain privacy protection, you can change your name, address, phone number, email address, and business name with a set of generic, non-identifiable information to protect your privacy.

No, the www at the beginning of a URL isn’t part of your domain name. It’s a subdomain of the main domain.

If you add www to the beginning of your registered name, the final website address will be You should only type the words you wish to appear in the website name.

Begin by checking your desired domain name availability with IntroNexus’s domain checker. You don’t have to be a current client; the tool is free for everybody. If you don’t have any ideas, click Generate Domain Using AI to get some options. Once you have found your perfect name, follow the steps below:

1. Think about the domain name extension. Consider going if your business is based in India for global reach.

2. Click Add to Cart and complete your payment. You will only need your basic contact information and a valid payment method.

3. That’s it—you will get your purchase confirmation to your email address.

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